Clay Tile Roofing

Clay Roof Tiles are a fantastic roofing material with hard-wearing and durable qualities. Concrete tiles are a modern equivalent to traditional clay tiles, the concrete is often used to reduce costs. Genuine clay roof tiles last up to two times as long as concrete, which creates a false economy as replacements are required well in advance of the clay wearing down on your building project.

Colour and Styles
A wide range of colours, shapes and styles can be achieved using clay tiles. This allows builders to achieve the desired effect on a roof without compromise. The quality, durability and visual appeal of clay roof titling is why they have stood the test of time and are used so frequently on new and refurbished building projects.

We supply and install the highest quality beautifully handmade clay tiles. Our skilled craftsmen process and stringently test the clay using Ceram Building Technology. Our rigorous testing methods ensure that standards are adhered to with each production line to give the best quality clay tiles.

The Advantages...

Hard-wearing and durable

Wide range of colours and shapes

Stringently tested to last

Fantastic insulation

Withstand high and low temperatures

Maintenance free

Can Clay Tiles Be Used On My roof?
The roof structure must be robust and strong enough to handle the weight of the tiles. A weakened roof structure or one which is allowing moisture will slowly rot the wood, leaving weakened beams that struggle under the weight of the tiles. If the material that is being replaced on an existing roof is lighter weight than clay, there is a strong case for the installation of additional wooden or metal supports before installing the heavier clay roof tiles.

Why Are Clay Roof Tiles Used?
Many historic archaeological sites have shown clay pots and pan for cooking, serving, and storing food. These examples highlight the lifespan and durability of clay. In addition to day-to-day utensils, the benefit of using clay as a building material is due to its insulation and ability to withstand weathering from the hot summer thermal damage through to the freezing winter with low temperatures and thawing.

Why Is Clay So Long-Lasting?
Clay reflects the heat from the sun, making it the material of choice for roofing that has direct sunlight throughout the year. The further benefit of clay roof tiles is the control of airflow. Varying degrees of air can circulate around the clay tiles, acting as an insulating cushion of air, this becomes trapped between the tiles increasing the insulation levels of the entire roof.

Highly Durable Clay Roof Tiles
Clay roof tiles are maintenance-free, the true benefit of being a long-lived and natural material. Moss and other organic growth can require cleaning off, although property owners often choose to pressure wash the clay surfacing when it starts to look weathered and darker in shade.