As one of the oldest roofing materials in history, lead has long been celebrated for its advantages to property owners. Benefits of lead roofing include its ability to be moulded and recycled, along with its resistance to different types of climate. All this gives it incredible longevity and usability for many applications. In this article, we’ll be taking you through the key benefits of lead roofing and describing why you should consider it as a roofing choice.

Easily moulded
As a highly flexible material, lead can be easily moulded into a wide range of forms. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including roofing, as it can be shaped to sit neatly along any roofline, including the more awkward and protruding areas.

The Advantages...

Lead is an easily mouldable material

Resistant to all types of temperatures

Fantastic aesthetic finish for all roofs corners and edges

Used on roofing for hundreds of years

Perfect for flat roofs and flashing

Resistant to corrosion, UV and pollutants

A clean, flush finish to any roof style

Corrosion and Water-Resistant
Roofs have to withstand the elements daily. Thankfully, lead is resistant to corrosion and water, making it hardy against all types of weather including rain, temperature changes, UV rays and atmospheric pollutants. This keeps it strong, attractive and able to perform its function for many years.

Durable and Weather Resistant
Due to its durability and weather resistance, lead takes much longer to lose its quality, functionality and value than other materials. You may have noticed lead adorning the roofs of historical buildings, and it can sometimes last for hundreds of years without the need for replacement. However, like anything, the lead will live out its full life only if it’s taken care of with proper maintenance and installation.

Recyclable Material
In an age where sustainability is of extreme importance, the recyclable nature of lead is a big asset. Lead is one of the most recycled materials in the world. This helps the natural world greatly, by easing demand on resources and therefore reducing the fossil fuels required to process new lead which reduces the emission of harmful gases.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Lead offers a clean, simple look that suits an array of different properties – from homes to commercial businesses to historical buildings. The sleek silvery aesthetic of lead is surprisingly beautiful without being too bold, making it an understated, yet graceful choice, for any property.

Perfect For Flat Roofs and Flashing
The malleability of lead makes it ideal for roof flashing and flat roofs, as it can be worked into the required shapes, the joins can be welded, and it offers the right coverage to create a watertight roof. Its resistance to corrosion, UV and atmospheric pollutants make the material a desirable, long-lived option.